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Nicky's story

What I’ve learned as I go through life is that it can be as fulfilling and exciting as you want it to be. Although I’ve always been a quietly confident person, I’ve learned that true confidence comes from within. A genuine knowledge of who you are as a person and how to express yourself is a real gift and something that I get a great sense of achievement from sharing with my clients. The ladies I have worked with tell me that they feel more confident in so many areas of their lives and that they understand what it feels like to be themselves, to love who they are and love what they see in the mirror. I love every minute of working with my clients, seeing them growing in confidence and feeling amazing, and ultimately seeing them living their life to the full…all while looking chic.

Nicky Jones embodies the Look Chic philosophy, she lives life to the full and is an inspiration to the women around her. In her forties, alongside being a paediatric physiotherapist, she discovered she had latent creativity, and had a heart for encouraging women. This desire lead Nicky to train as a professional image consultant with First Impressions, the leading training provider in the industry.


Nicky’s affinity for women and her kind and caring persona are the perfect complement to a career in image consultancy and once her training was complete, Nicky was accepted to join the Federation of Image Professionals International, the regulatory body in the industry.


In 2014 Nicky took the bold decision to retire early from physiotherapy career of more than 34 years and followed her passion of supporting women to be the best they can be. She believes life is for living and has a real heart for helping the women around her to do the same. Nicky’s energy for life is contagious and alongside her image constancy business she loves spending time with family and friends, is a keen dancer and leads the Women’s events’ ministry in her church as well as also enjoying the occasional afternoon tea or spa day with friends!

More about Nicky's journey

Nicky’s background is in Physiotherapy working in the NHS in a number of hospitals, culminating in being a neonatal specialist at Birmingham Children’s Hospital.  Nicky’s dedication to this challenging yet rewarding role saw her achieve respect from the families she worked with and was proud to be recognised for her specialist role with her physiotherapy and neonatal colleagues, both in Birmingham and within neonatal care on a national level.


When the opportunity presented itself to take early retirement from the Children’s Hospital, Nicky saw it as a chance to embrace her passion in life, which is helping the women around her - helping them to feel amazing about who they are. Nicky’s passion to support and develop the women around her extends to all areas of her life. She is actively involved in the Women’s Ministry of her church, a group which brings women of the church together to develop and encourage them to be the best they can be.


Nicky’s sincere and genuine desire to help and support women see her work with women of a similar age as herself who want to be sure that they are living life to the full the same way she is and who want to ensure that they feel confident and empowered as they move through life and and the challenges it brings. Her unique approach is about much more than just clothes or fashion, it’s about the person wearing those clothes and how the clothes make them feel. It’s about looking chic!


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"I have a real heart for working with women and want you to feel amazing about who you are"

- Nicky Jones, Image Consultant

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