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Individual Consultations

You think you get it right most of the time but you know that there are more clothes than you’d dare admit to in your wardrobe that you never wear. You see other women who always manage to get it just right, they don’t look overdressed or as if they’re trying too hard. They’ve got that fine balance between stylish and comfortable and the word frumpy never comes to mind. You’d like to feel like that too but you’re not sure where to start.


Knowledge is power when you’re shopping. Let Nicky teach you exactly what works for you so you take the guesswork out of buying clothes and getting ready. Learn exactly what works for you, and more importantly, learn why. Uncover your style personality so that everything you wear makes you feel like the real you and makes you both Look Chic and Feel Chic.


This in-depth consultation will show you everything you need to know about dressing for your body shape. Nicky will use her expert eye to analyse your shape - but don’t worry, it’s nothing like the TV shows. There are no 360 degree mirrors or getting undressed - in fact the only thing you’ll need to remove are your shoes. You’ll learn exactly what styles and shapes are most flattering for your body shape as well everything you need to know about the finer details such as fabrics, patterns, and accessories. This will be a head to toe assessment of your style which will give you the confidence to always choose them most flattering clothes for your shape. Plus, Nicky will help you uncover your Wardrobe Personality, this is the thing that makes your style your own and lets you express yourself through your clothing.


You’ll receive a full written record of this session personalised for you by Nicky.


Consultation Price: £120

Consultation Duration: Two and a half hours


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"I have a real heart for working with women and want you to feel amazing about who you are"

- Nicky Jones, Image Consultant

Wardrobe planning

If opening your wardrobe doors leaves you feeling overwhelmed and reaching for the same thing over and over again and you can’t even remember half of what’s in there then Nicky can help. Using her effective formulas and expert eye she can help you organise your wardrobe into a practical, organised space. An organised wardrobe is a chic wardrobe!


She’ll show you how to make stylish, chic outfits from the clothes you’ve already got, suggesting ways to wear clothes you’ve probably never thought of - it’s like going shopping without leaving the house! Nicky will also use her expert skills to assess your wardrobe and suggest any gaps that need filling and will help you compile a shopping list of suggested items and where to find them to suit your style and budget.


Consultation Price: £40 per hour

Consultation Duration: minimum 2 hours, to be agreed prior to the consultation.


Contact Nicky now to book your Wardrobe Planning consultation.


"Shopping Together" personal shopping

Shopping Together is a specialist service offered to clients of Look Chic. Nicky offers a small number of personal shopping appointments to clients who have previously visited her for individual consultations. If you’ve got a special occasion coming up or would like Nicky’s expert guidance while you shop, please contact her to discuss this service.


Shopping Together is offered at an hourly rate of £40 and the duration for the shopping trip will be agreed beforehand.


Enquire about "Shopping Together" now.

One-to-one consultations available are:

This detailed consultation provides you with a full colour analysis and make-up application lesson. Nicky will show you exactly which colours are most flattering on you. These are the colours that will bring your complexion to life and make you look and feel younger. Nicky will show you exactly how to use these colours to organise your wardrobe and you will receive your personalised fabric swatch including all of your best colours which you can take shopping with you.

This session also includes a full make-up application. Nicky will show you the most flattering make-up shades for your unique colouring and how to wear them. You’ll learn how to apply a natural daytime look and also find out how you can adapt this for a quick yet effective evening make-up look.


You’ll receive your personalised fabric swatch, a written record of your consultation and a guide to the cosmetics used during the session.


Consultation Price: £150

Consultation Duration: Three and a half hours


Contact Nicky to book now and she’ll be in touch with you to discuss a suitable date for your consultation.


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