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Moseley, Birmingham

What do my clients say about Look Chic?

Kind, sincere, positive, friendly, approachable, fun and caring are just a few of the words that Nicky’s friends and clients have used to describe her. Read her testimonials to see for yourself!

"The consultation was everything I expected it to be. It was just perfect!


I have  been on a small shopping spree and I really am so much more confident when choosing clothes and accessories. I am trying new things I wouldn't normally have looked at, but mostly discounting items which I now know are the wrong style or colour, saves so much time. I have been through my wardrobe and the local charity shops have benefited. I am looking with new eyes at the clothes I have kept and having fun trying new combinations.


Thank you so much, I have been recommending you, one of the best things I could have done."

- Beverly, Birmingham

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"I have a real heart for working with women and want you to feel amazing about who you are"

- Nicky Jones, Image Consultant

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"I have had the pleasure of knowing Nicky since she came to train with First Impressions in 2007.  I have been her mentor during that time and Nicky has always shown great commitment, a real passion for helping her clients to be their best and she certainly holds herself to very high account.  She is incredibly authentic and really walks her talk.  The more I know Nicky, the more I am impressed with her.  She is always surprising us with new hobbies and interests and is constantly challenging herself with new experiences.  For clients working with Nicky will be a great treat – she will support you and guide you to find your own authentic style that suits you and your lifestyle perfectly."

- Lyn Bromley, First Impressions Ltd