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It should be easy, you’ve got a wardrobe full of clothes - a few too many perhaps - you loved them when you bought them but now something’s just not quite right. They don’t look like you remember them looking when you put them on and you don’t feel like you thought you would when you wear them. They’re nice clothes, you should feel happy with them but something’s missing and you can’t work out what. You just don’t feel like “YOU” and you don’t really know why.


This is where Look Chic Image Consultancy comes in. Using Look Chic’s simple yet effective formulas to get your wardrobe in order, combined with Nicky’s unique approach to working with women who know they can feel a hundred times better than ok, you’ll feel like the woman you know you can be.


Look Chic Image Consultancy specialises in working with women who want a wardrobe to reflect them and their lifestyle - without breaking the bank. Look Chic offers a range of carefully selected consultations and packages to suit your needs and your budget:

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"I have a real heart for working with women and want you to feel amazing about who you are"

- Nicky Jones, Image Consultant

Individual Consultations

Individual consultations are tailored to your specific needs. Your time with Nicky will be focused on you and your needs and consultations will be tailored exactly to your requirements. Choose from Colour & Make-Up, Style, Wardrobe Planning and more.


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Small groups & parties

Combine an informative session with Nicky with quality time with the girls. You'll all enjoy a fun talk from Nicky along with mini one-to-one sessions with her. These will be less detailed than individual consultations but you’ll leave with all the advice you need and some fun memories to look back on after spending a couple of hours with your friends, nearest & dearest or colleagues. Prices start from £20 per person.


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Look Chic workshops are a great way to experience Nicky’s advice as part of a group. These interactive workshops teach you the foundations of colour and style, you’ll learn the basics in a group environment and Nicky will be on hand to offer advice on throughout the sessions.


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Look Chic founder Nicky Hawkes is a confident and experienced speaker who can deliver a talk that is tailored to your work, social, networking or charity event. Nicky’s group talks and presentations are both interactive and informative and can cover a range of topics around confidence and development for women.


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